Since the inauguration of Peace Park on November 20th, 1994 the Park has been a huge part of Montreal culture because of its location and design. The park is not only at the heart of the Red Light District, it’s in the middle of literally everything that represents Montréal from its skating, graffiti history, historical attraction, and cosmopolitan life.

Historically the lot of land that is now Peace Park has always been a public space where people come together for a sense of belonging. In 1829, it was officially declared the first market outside the walled city of Montreal, and in 1994 it became Peace Park where there is still a strong tradition of community.

Some other reasons why there is a community rooted there are: Montreal’s shelters, a native center that’s just up the street from the park, and the small businesses around the park.

Today Peace Park is very important to Montreal’s subcultures of skateboarding and graffiti. During its construction the boards around the park served as a canvas for Montreal’s first graffiti productions, and the fact that the park is perfect for skating has let it become the heart and soul of skateboarding in Montreal.

As a natural place for street people to congregate, all walks of life pass through Peace Park where they have learned to coexist through tolerance and respect bringing equilibrium to the city, which is extremely important.