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David Boots

Born and raised in Montreal, David Boots is a professional skateboarder. David started pushing on a skateboard when he was 5 years old, and by the age of 10 he was hustling and saving money to buy a pro- skateboard. He bought his first pro-board at 13, the same year his father passed away. Skating became the most important thing in his life, and two years later he moved out of his mother’s house and spent his days skating around the city doing graffiti.

In late 1994, the year of Peace Park’s inauguration, David moved back to Ottawa to live with his mother, which only last a year, before her new partner forced him out of the house at 17. Staying true to his roots, he spent the next few years representing his hometown while in Ottawa writing MQC (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). It was his love of skateboarding, graffiti and Montreal that would bring him back to Montreal in 1999 and eventually inspire him to create a feature length documentary about Peace Park and the surrounding area.



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Jessica McIntyre

Jessica McIntyre was born in England and moved to Montréal at the age of three. She completed a DEC in Creative arts at John Abbott College and graduated with a degree in History and Political Science from Concordia University in 2007.

She has been active in politics since 2004 and in 2006 and 2008 she was the campaign manager a for a federal NDP candidate.

In 2010 she met Dave at the 30th anniversary party of Cafe Cléopatre. After the show they crossed the street, drank a beer at Peace Park and talked about the documentary. With an interest in history and social issues, she agreed to help with the project. For the next year and a half Jessica and David wrote the story of Peace Park, conducted further interviews and finished the needed research to pull the story together.