Thanks for watching the Peace Park documentary!

The making of this film has been a long process. With over 13 years of footage and 2 years of postproduction, this film has taken up a lot of time. What started out as a skater with a camera, filming tricks and park life, turned into a full-length documentary. Not only did the movie highlight some of the major social issues prevalent in the park, it captured the transition of a neighbourhood and the attention of city officials and organizations, who decided that skateboarding could be used as a solution to some of the vice in the park. With the collaboration of the Société des arts technologies (SAT), I wrote a proposal to legalize skateboarding at Peace Park. It was accepted and in 2014, Peace Park (Place de la Paix) became the first public park  to have skateboarding legalized.The work is not done and we need your help!!

We need to put more funds into the film.

We need studio time to export the movie for the Canadian National Archives so that this historic event can be shared with future generations. We also know that places like Peace Park exist in many urban centers across the globe, and that the success we’ve had here, can be used as an example of what can be achieved when the will to work together exists.Events. Since 2012 MQC had been organizing underground events in the park. Theses events keep the park relevant as a skate spot while giving back to the community. We want to keep these going but we need your help to do so.


The park needs maintenance, especially the ledges that are skated the most. We have literally been gluing falling blocks of granite back together, but we need funding to do more.

Complete renovation of the park.

We are currently working with The SAT, the architectural firm Rayside Labossière, to put together a proposal to renovate a park. The plan is slowly moving forward but it requires a lot time and work, your support will go to help cover some of the costs involved in pushing this project to its completions.

New content

Funds will also go towards bringing new content to the web including skate videos, and future Peace Park episodes.

Thank you for your support!

David Boots


       Chilly P